As our weather turns a bit chilly we begin thinking of warming comfort food. When I think of comfort food and cold weather, the first thing that always comes to my mind is soup.

A recipe that we have shared at Festival Foods for many years is our Hearty Italian Soup recipe featuring our fresh homemade Italian sausage.  Our Italian sausage has become a tradition in many recipes of our customers, truly a customer favorite.  We start with fresh pork and mix with the perfect blend of seasonings, whether it is hot or mild they are both seasoned perfectly.  Our sausage delivers a special flavor in every bite of your dish.

Chef Melanie shows you how easy it is to make our soup recipe in this video.  Serve the soup with a warm baguette or better yet a warm Ciabatta bread from our Bakery.

Another great recipe with our Italian Sausage is our Penne with Vodka Sauce recipe.  Chef Ryan takes you through the steps to prepare this video – absolutely delicious!

As an alternative to save time you may use a jar of any brand of Vodka Sauce on our grocery shelves and add to your cooked Italian Sausage.  Be sure to always have a container of parmesan cheese from our Deli on hand (this is a staple in our refrigerator) to add to your dish before serving.

We are very excited to have a new pasta and chicken salad in our deli and we are sure you will enjoy it.  It is a creamy pasta salad with chicken, cherries, and almonds.  Another delicious simple meal for you to pick up from Festival Foods.

No topic of comfort food could be complete without us mentioning our Whipped Squash, a customer favorite and wonderful side dish to accompany your entrée.  Sold by the pound in the Deli, let us do the work and you enjoy!

Bon Appétit!

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