Apple Turkey Cheddar Sliders


1 Package Kings Hawaiian Rolls, 12 pack
2 lbs Deli Turkey, sliced
2 Honey Crisp Apples, thinly sliced
1 Package Sharp Cheddar Cheese Slices
Big Rick's Jalepeno Honey Mustard


  1. Spray a 9x13 pan with cooking spray. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Cut the rolls in half, lengthwise. Spread the mustard on the bottom layer of the rolls and place in the pan.
  3. Layer the turkey, cheese and apple slices on each roll.
  4. Place the top layer of rolls on top. Cover with foil.
  5. Bake covered for 25 minutes. Remove the foil, rub the top of the sliders with butter, bake for an additional 5 minutes.