Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long do I have to use my discount?
A. Rewards expire at the end of the month following the month in which they were earned.

Q. Can I accumulate rewards and discounts on multiple shopping trips at Festival Foods?
A. Yes, build up as much as you can. You earn 5¢ per gallon every time you accumulate $50 in qualified purchases. You do not need to spend $50 all in one visit-we will keep track of what you spend and add your purchases together. Your earned rewards could have your cost per gallon as low as 20¢!

Q. What products are not eligible for Pump Perks Fuel Rewards?
A. Gift cards, tobacco, postage, lottery, delivery tips, coffee shop and liquor products are not eligible for fuel rewards.

Q. Do I need to use all of my rewards upon one fuel center transaction?
A. Yes. Your accumulated fuel discounts are valid for redemption during one fueling transaction up to 15 gallons. Once you begin the discount redemption process, all of your current discount balance will be applied reducing the price of fuel during that transaction. After the transaction, your Pump Perks fuel discount balance will be zero. Now it's time to go back to Festival Fods to earn more Pump Perks!

Q. Will my Pump Perks card be good for any grade of gas?
A. Yes, you can choose the grade of gas you prefer.

Q. How and where do I earn Pump Perks rewards?
A. Pump Perks rewards are earned by utilizing your Pump Perks card every time you shop at Festival Foods.

Q. Can I use my Pump Perks rewards at any gas station?
A. No, Pump Perks rewards may only be used at the fuel stations indicated on the map here.

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