Dinner at Home

We know jobs, kids and all of the other demands of a busy life often come at the expense of family mealtime at home. As a family owned grocer, we hear you and know you are asking for more meal options that are easy, delicious and nutritious. We also know first hand what you are asking for as we too are looking for the same great food and choices to serve our families. Numerous studies have shown regular family meals are linked to the kinds of outcomes that we all want for our children: higher grades and self-esteem, healthier eating habits and less risky behavior. As you juggle new school routines and fall activities, we invite you to look to us for help. When it comes to making more shared mealtimes happen for your busy family, we will work hard in our kitchens so you can have more time enjoying your family time together.

In honor of National Family Meals Month during the month of September, we encourage you to stop in and pick up one of our Meals Made Easy that are available every day of the week. We also have a great recipe collection if you want to prepare your own meal at home for your family. Click here for recipes and check out the recipes that are marked with for our exclusive recipes.

Every night you can count on fresh prepared meals from our kitchen at Festival Foods. Easy, great-tasting choices your family will enjoy!