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While the word “barbecue” is interchanged with “grilling” and entertaining outdoors, many people believe that barbecue is the cooking method where meat is cooked slowly over low heat and hot smoke.
Brushing, basting or spooning fats or liquid over the surface of foods.
To cook food by sautéing in fat, then simmering slowly in a small amount of liquid
To cook food by direct heat, as in an oven under the heat.


Term for degree of doneness when vegetables are cooked briefly, yet retain some of the crisp texture of their raw state.
Cut In
Mixing butter, margarine or shortening into dry ingredients, usually done with a pastry blender or fingertips.


Direct Heat Grilling
Grilling food directly over heat source.
Dutch Oven
A large pot that has a tight-fitting lid. Many Dutch ovens are ovenproof and are used when cooking roasts.


Fondue Pot
A heatproof container that sits on a burner stand which holds a heat source. Used to hold melted chocolate or cheese mixtures.
Food Processor
A kitchen appliance used to chop, grate, puree, shred and slice foods.


Garlic Press
A kitchen tool that presses garlic through small holes, extracting juice and pulp.
A kitchen tool used for shredding cheeses, vegetables, fruits, etc. A box grater offers different sizes of grater holes.
To cook food on a gridiron over a fire or charcoal briquettes..


Indirect Heat Grilling
Grilling foods (such as whole chickens and roasts) away from heat source.
Large syringe that is used to inject a marinade into meat.


Jelly Roll Pan
A rectangular baking sheet with 1-inch sides.


Kitchen Scissors
Scissors used specifically for snipping and cutting foods such as canned whole tomatoes, fresh chicken, green onions, etc.
Knife, Paring
A small knife with a 2 ½- to 3-inch-long blade. Used for cutting fruits and vegetables, cutting fat from meats, etc.


A kitchen utensil used to scoop broth, chili, soups, stews, etc.


Mini Chopper
A small motorized mixing appliance that contains a blade. Used for chopping small amounts of fruits, vegetables, etc., and used for mixing dips, sauces, etc.
A thin sauce. A mop is brushed onto meats with a clean cloth mop during grilling or smoking to help keep meats moist.


Nonstick Pans
Bakeware and Cookware made with special coatings that allow foods to be cooked without adding butter or oil to the bakware or cookware.


To cook (fry) food in a small amount of fat, as in a skillet on the stovetop.
Parchment Paper
Stick-free kitchen paper generally used when making cakes, cookies, brownies, etc.
Pastry Blender
A U-shaped kitchen utensil made with thin, smooth blades and a handle. Used to cut butter, margarine or shortening into dry ingredients.


A kitchen appliance that cooks rice.
To bake food uncovered, as in an oven.
Roasting Pan with Rack
A large shallow pan with rack used for roasting meat and poultry. The food is placed on the rack, and the rack suspends the food so that it doesn't cook in its own juices.


Slow Cooker
A kitchen appliance used to cook foods over the course of several hours, without attention.
Springform Pan
A deep, round pan with a clipped on side. The side can be removed. Used for making cheesecakes and desserts that cannot be turned upside down to remove them from the pan.
To cook food by simmering or slow boiling.
To cook small pieces of food in a lightly oiled wok or frying pan over high heat.


Tart Pan
A baking dish with low fluted sides. Used for pastry dishes with sweet or savory fillings.
A kitchen tool used to keep track of baking and cooking times.


Vegetable Brush
A bristled kitchen tool used to clean vegetables.
Vegetable Peeler
A kitchen tool used to remove outside skin from fruits and vegetables.


Waffle Iron
A cooking appliance that contains two honeycomb-patterned griddles (joined by a hinge) used for making waffles.
Wire Cooling Rack
A tabletop rack used to cool breads, cakes, cookies and more.


A kitchen tool used to remove strips of peel from citrus.

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