Prime Rib with Our Own Creamy Horseradish Sauce has long been a mainstay at the holiday table of our customers. Simply delicious, yet so easy to prepare. As you are planning for your holiday meal I hope you take a look at our video to see how easy it is to make this festive meal.

Our butchers hand trim and tie our rib roasts for your convenience.   We age our beef Rib Roasts to Premium USDA Choice Black Angus grade. These roasts make the Perfect Prime Rib for your family and friends. This cut of beef is extremely tender and unbelievably juicy!

Our Chef Melanie explains how to prepare the Perfect Prime Rib in our  video.  Our preparation/recipe for: Perfect Prime Rib

Our chefs whip up our own Creamy Horseradish Sauce available in our Delis.  The sauce is a perfect complement to this flavorful roast.

As for the rest of the menu, we suggest serving one our of shrimp trays which include our flavorful fresh cocktail sauce, the trays are handmade in our store and another way to keep you with your guests instead of working in the kitchen.  A fresh vegetable platter and a cheese platter with some crackers or perhaps a cheese fondue with bread are perfect for welcoming your guests as they arrive.

As a side to serve with your masterpiece prime rib we suggest our own Cheesy Potatoes, all you have to do is bake them.

Of course dessert is a necessity and we offer some fantastic traditional favorites such as Lefse, Kransekake, Buche de Noel and many more.  All can be ordered on line or at your favorite Festival store.

Most important is for all of us to take time to relax and enjoy the season with our family and friends!

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