We hope you enjoy our suggested menu this week, the menu includes several of our favorite comfort foods. If you are looking for a recipe for chuck roast we have the perfect solution Southwestern Pot Roast another slow-cooker recipe. Chef Ryan has a new video on Youtube to show you how easy this recipe is to make.

If you are in the mood for chicken and looking for a side dish to accompany the chicken, what could be more Minnesota than Wild Rice? We thought it was time to share a recipe highlighting Minnesota’s official state grain. This is a delicious Wild Rice Casserole recipe that we wanted to share with you. Another reason beside this delicious recipe is the nutritional information below from mnwildrice.org that shows why Wild Rice might be a better nutritional option than rice.


One of favorite products at Festival is Lefas brand Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It is a ” first cold press Special Reserve Olive Oil” direct from Greece, containing 100% olive oil. It is pesticide and herbicide free no additives or mixtures of other varieties of olives other than the Kalamata olive. It has a delightful buttery flavor. Be sure to try this little gem.

A new product that we are excited about to make cooking quick and easy for you is the new Fresh Take by Kraft. A mix of cheese and breadcrumbs to use for coating chicken, pork or fish. The product is now available in our Dairy department. Here is a link to coupons from Kraft for this product so give it a try.

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