We are always brainstorming about how to make food prep and cooking easier for our customers.This week we introduce our Pineapple kabob, a juicy fun treat for the grill! We included a buttery marinade recipe on the package that you might enjoy as well. Our Premium Choice Black Angus Top Sirloin Kabobs have been a customer hit for years providing a quick meal on the grill. All you have to do is season them and put them on the grill. Chicken kabobs are another customer favorite and our team makes all of these kabobs extra special.

If you are looking for a side dish to accompany something you are grilling, perhaps you would like our vegetable kabobs, another item that you may season or marinate and toss on the grill for a quick side.

I can’t think about summer food without thinking about our Corn Tomato & Avocado Salad! A summer favorite and perfect for your menu this week because our Sweet Elite mirai corn is in the stores and fabulous! If you’re not in the mood to cook, pick up this fav summer salad from our Deli – Our Own Baked Potato Salad, a hit every time we serve.


With blackberries on our ad this week and looking so divine, we hit Pinterest to find a special recipe! Click the Blackberry Cream Pie photo below to our Pinterest site for the recipe. Follow us on Pinterest while you’re there!

Source: sevenspoons.net via Festival on Pinterest


Since summer is officially here,  it’s always time for S’mores. It just so happens that this week our Hershey bars are on the ad and we saw this serving idea on Pinterest to make a S’mores buffet.

Source: martieknows.squarespace.com via Festival on Pinterest


Graduation season is upon us and the delis are busy helping families plan their graduation festivities. Stop in for a consultation or if you prefer you may conveniently order our Crowd-Pleasing Food on line. New this year is our exclusive Shredded Beef Bar. We also have a Graduation-Crowd Pleasing Food board on Pinterest if you prefer searching for your ideas there.

Have a wonderful week!

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