Well we might not be invited but there’s no reason we can’t have our own fabulous “Governor’s Ball”. The menu by Wolfgang Puck for the 2013 Governor’s Ball is somewhat intimidating but there is no reason we can’t whip up some pretty fine fare in our own homes to watch the Academy Awards in fine-tasting style with friends.

Rather than their shrimp fritters for an appetizer try our recipe for Beer-Battered Coconut Shrimp with a lovely light batter.



These Italian Sliders would really spice up the evening and make quite an impression, made with our very own fresh Italian sausage -made right in the store.


Always on our table when entertaining is Chunky Guacamole and now a new favorite on our table is a Black Bean Dip, a spicy warm delight.

Black Bean Dip


Buffalo flavor something is always on the table as well. For something new pick up some of our exclusive Buffalo Chicken Dip from our Deli, some wonton wrappers from our Produce department and your favorite blue cheese dressing. Take a couple of spoons of dip and place in the center of a wonton wrapper, roll and twist he ends deep fry and serve with the Blue Cheese dressing for a “firecracker” your guests will love!



Main course fun – a PBB, our Peanut Butter Burger recipe has a little Thai flair. John from On the Rocks Wine & Spirits recommends serving the PBB with Piluna Primitivo or if you prefer beer a Lion’s Stout.

PBB, Peanut Butter Burger, Thai Burger Called Jiffy Burger at the Blue Door Pub


Screen Shot 2013-02-22 at 5.58.31 PM

The featured cocktail at this year’s  Governor’s Ball is the Ultimat Blue Sunrise. We think this recipe for a Blueberry Smash is deserving of an award and that your guests will love it, especially with the lovely fresh blueberries currently in our stores.


Source: creative-culinary.com via Festival on Pinterest


Print off ballots for your guests and enjoy the evening!

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