Since it seems we will be spending Saturday in the house thanks to snow, rain, and wind and whatever else Mother Nature throws at us, why not do some cooking and snuggle in to watch the Kentucky Derby and some flicks. Time to think about what that menu should look like!

We do so many recipes with Buffalo flavor we went searching trends and experimenting for a new take on wings and determined that Jerk Seasoned Wings were the winning flavor. This recipe has the wings marinate in a lovely spicy sauce that infuses some wonderful flavors into the wings.

This Jerk Chicken Wing recipe is for 3 lbs. but you may want to double the recipe because these chicken wings are addicting! Serve up some Red Stripe and at least mentally transport yourself to the warmer climate of Jamaica.

wings blog



We’re going to suggest that you keep this Jerk seasoning theme going and serve No Woman cheese. A fabulously savory cheese that’s spicy, earthy, and a little nutty.

No Woman

The cool flavor of this Watermelon Fire and Ice Salsa has a refreshing taste and offers a colorful addition to the table. I like to serve with Xochitl warmed for a short time in the oven. A Mango salsa would also go well with the wings.

Next order of business is that it wouldn’t be a Derby celebration without a Mint Julep!


A recipe that works whether gathering for Derby watching or celebrating Cinco de Mayo is our spicy Black Bean Dip recipe. This is a hearty delicious dip with black beans and lots of cheese that would best be served with a heavier tortilla chip such as El Milagro.

Black Bean Dip

For a festive Cinco de Mayo event create a build-your-own chopped salad bar. A great base for the chopped salad would be our Fajita Steak Salad recipe. Look at this link from Pioneer Woman Chopped Salad idea for a pot luck chopped salad. Throw some Amigos Tequila Flavored Beer (available at On the Rocks Wine & Spirits) on ice for your beer-drinking friends and set out the blender for some Margaritas!


Chicken Quesadillas made with our rotisserie chicken are a delicious option and quick because we cooked the chicken! Chunky Guacamole takes very little time yet awesome and a healthy option with all fresh ingredients.



Here is a recipe from Pinterest for a delish Margarita:


Our motto is: Never forget the dessert!  A dessert to offset the spiciness of these other items would be a Lemon cupcake available in our bakery – moist and awesome.

Have a wonderful weekend!



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