Impromptu, informal gatherings with friends for a cocktail and a bite seem to be frequent during the holiday season.  It seems a necessity to have cheese, crackers and baguettes on hand to make a cheese board at the last minute and a couple of bottles of wine chilling in the frig isn’t a bad idea either!

Our Big Cheese event is in full swing for the holidays, we offer more than 300 varieties of cheese and have serving suggestions and pairing info in the stores to help you choose a selection for your cheese board or recipes. This event has many other delicious goodies beside great cheese and if you’re looking for some special fare for your guests you’ll find it in our Delis. One of my new favorites is a black olive tapenade/dip and now another staple in our pantry!


 A small charcuterie board to serve along side of your cheese board  is easy to pull off with these pre sliced and convenient products.


Some pates and spreads for variety and to add some color to make the table more festive with some Xochitl red and green tortilla chips and a few sweets to snack on.


You can set out a delicious, festive cocktail buffet in 40 minutes or less.


Invited to a gathering and need to make something easy and quick?  We’re thinking Jimmy Dean Sausage Dip. Just three ingredients; Jimmy Dean Sausage (1 lb), Rotel (1 can), Cream Cheese (16 oz), serve with Fritos or tortilla chips. Brown the sausage, drain the Rotel and add to the cream cheese cook on high in a crock-pot for 45 minutes. If you are really pressed for time, swing in and pick up one of heat and serve dips (Buffalo Chicken, Brie, or Bacon Chive).

Jimmy Dean IngredientsJimmy Dean Dip

If you’re looking for other ideas and recipes for the Christmas holiday you may check out our Pinterest Boards.

Be sure to take the time to enjoy the holiday season!

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