Any good American holiday, like the Fourth of July revolves around food and our favorite on the center of the plate for summer is the burger!

First up is a trifecta of flavors with our Black Angus Premium Choice ground beef, Tickler Cheddar cheese and our own Festival Foods smokehouse bacon. We call it the Tickler Bacon Burger, easy to prepare but mouth-watering, big flavor.

The Cheese Sauce can be made the day before, chilled and then reheated and served, making this entertaining-friendly.

tick pack sauce

For those looking for some options other than beef burgers we have a few ground chicken burger recipes that are very tasty, our latest ground chicken recipe is a Mexican Chicken Burger.


A colorful chopped salad recipe that tastes like summer is our Mexican Chopped Salad with Cilantro Lime Dressing and we think it’s a perfect salad to accompany  the Mexican Chicken Burger.


The Fourth of July table seems the perfect place to break out the Firecracker Corn! We have most of the prep work done for you and the Chipotle butter is to die for. You wrap the corn in aluminum foil and grill it, then add our Chipotle butter.


20140627_001236_Richtone(HDR) IMG_4787

Our Produce team knows how to make grilling veggies easy with our Firecracker Corn and our Veggie Grillers. The veggies are washed and prepped and placed in containers that you can throw on the grill with no fuss.


We believe our exclusive Buffalo Chicken Dip belongs on any festive table!  The Buffalo dip is sold in a convenient oven-ready package and all  you have to do is heat to serve, but we thought what fun it would be to use the dip in some wonton “firecrackers” for the 4th.

IMG_4840 buffalo

The Buffalo Chicken Firecrackers are easy to make. Moisten the edges of the wonton wrappers and place approximately a teaspoon of dip (you don’t have to heat the dip before you fill the wontons), seal seam and give each end a twist. Deep fry the firecrackers in canola oil to a golden brown – it doesn’t take long. We serve them with a Blue Cheese dressing.

IMG_4838 IMG_4839

You knew we couldn’t forget dessert, fresh fruit pies are an American Classic! Our half pies make it easy for you to mix n match a variety of fruit pies on your dessert table.

fruit pies

The stores are brimming with fresh, fabulous food for you to create memories with your family and friends over the dinner table.  Have a safe and happy 4th!

PS Here is the link to our ad, start making that list!

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