If you are anything like us, and love watching Game of Thrones on Sundays, then you might celebrate with a tasty meal to go with your viewing experience!


For the last episode, we decided to go with a themed recipe and make something that you might find in Westeros, with some modern updates of course. We chose to make a Chicken Pot Pie fit for a king! The recipe we followed was for a 13×19 pan, but we modified it slightly to make it look like a more authentic Game of Thrones Pie.

Don’t worry, this was not a Frey Pie (book reader joke).


We followed the recipe available on our site almost completely, until we got to actual pie section. We decided to weave together bacon (around 10-12 slices, depending on thickness) to serve as the top of our pie.


Then we placed the readymade pie crust into a greased pie pan, then transferred the ingredients from the saucepan and followed the pie crust preparation instructions on the ready-made package. We then placed the dough over filling (and bacon top) and trimmed out the center of the dough to expose the woven bacon and fluted the edges.

We used the rest of the ingredients in a 13×19 pan to keep for leftovers using the original recipe.


Served with Game of Thrones Seven Kingdoms, a Hoppy Wheat Ale from Brewery Ommegang!


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