Spring has finally arrived and with the good weather comes lots of outdoor weekend activities and not as much time to cook on the weekends, opening cabins for the summer and yard work leave little time to spend in the kitchen.

Burgers are delicious and a simple solution, my favorite is our 1/3 lb. ground beef 85% lean patties, cooked on the grill with a slice of melted cheddar cheese and served on the cheddar onion buns from our bakery. Bubbies bread and butter pickle chips are a staple in our house and add a sweet and crunchy contrast to the burgers.


Lucky’s mustards are another condiment that will add extra special touch to your burgers and brats!


Our Homestyle Potato Salad is so delicious I don’t waste my time making it, and you can conveniently order ahead on line in a 1 gallon bowl (26-30 servings) for gatherings, parties, or picnics.


If you’ve got a lot of people to feed, sloppy joes might be a better choice for easy prep and serve, this is a simple delicious recipe that you could prepare ahead, even more simple is to order our Festival sloppy joes party pail in half gallon or gallon sizes.


Make ahead baked dishes such as Baked Ziti allow you to just quickly throw together a salad and some warm bread or rolls and serve Saturday or Sunday dinner in a flash. Our Ziti recipe has Festival’s special recipe Italian Sausage! Prepare the Ziti in an aluminum pan for transport, reheating, and easy clean up.



BLTs are a great lunch item and – time-saving tip is to always bake the bacon in the oven on a baking sheet, lots easier than tending the fry pan or risk burning the bacon. Adding sliced avocado is a nice change up to a standard BLT.


Enjoy the weather and perhaps a little wine, cheers.

wine on the deck


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