Occasionally during the winter, I start craving warmer weather, fruity cocktails, and a beach somewhere tropical.  Who doesn’t?  But we live in MN and that’s not a reality this time of year.  To curb the winter blues, I sometimes make fruity cocktails at home to feel a little more cheerful about the amount of snow outside 😊 I’m going to share with you 2 new cocktail recipes using Starburst Infused Vodka.  You read that right…I infused vodka with Starburst candy.  It was super simple and didn’t take any effort to make but patience is required to allow the vodka to sit for a few days.

The cocktail recipes can be found here:


You want to start by infusing the vodka.  Use a fairly nice vodka because it’s literally 2 ingredients: vodka and Starbursts.  And you want to enjoy the cocktail, not feel like you ordered some rail drink at a local bar.  Unwrap the candies.  You need about 20-22 but using more or less won’t hurt.  I give a range because you don’t know how many of a certain color will be in a bag.  You might have to buy a second bag of Starbursts to get the amount you need.

Add the Starbursts to a mason jar (use a separate jar for each flavor) and top with vodka.  Seal the lid and shake to stir the contents.  Place on the counter for about 24 hours to infuse the vodka.  Shake every few hours to prevent the Starbursts from sticking and once done, the Starbursts should be completely dissolved.

You are now ready to make your cocktails!

The Cherry Limeade with Starburst Infused Vodka is the perfect combination of sweet and sour.  I use cherry Starbursts for this recipe.  You can really taste the cherry flavor in the cocktail, but it’s complemented nicely with the citrusy lime.

Fill 4 lowball glasses about ½ full of ice.  Add 2oz of the vodka to each glass.  Top with limeade (about ½ – ¾ cup per glass).  Garnish with a slice of lime and a cherry Starburst (optional).  Serve and enjoy!

The Strawberry Lemonade with Starburst Infused Vodka reminds me of a vodka lemonade.  It’s very refreshing and perfect on a hot summer day (or cold winter night when I’m dreaming of sun).  I use strawberry Starbursts for this recipe.  I do think the strawberry flavor comes out in the cocktail.  It’s not too sweet but balances out nicely with the tart lemonade.

Fill 4 lowball glasses about ½ full of ice.  Add 2oz of the vodka to each glass.  Top with strawberry lemonade or substitute with regular lemonade (about ½ – ¾ cup per glass).  Garnish with a slice of lemon and a strawberry Starburst (optional).  Serve and enjoy!

Each recipe is for 4 cocktails and can be found here:


These cocktails were fun to make and delicious to drink!  I might try my hand at other Starburst Infused Vodka flavor in the future and come up with some fun drinks to pair with.  I’ll keep you posted when that happens 😊


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