A weekly menu plan can take the guesswork out of already busy week for time-starved families.You don’t want to be staring at an empty refrigerator at 5 o’clock wondering what you will have for dinner, I have been there too many times myself.

After receiving several requests for a weekly suggested menu, we gave it a try.We will include some of our carry-out favorites such as our Chicken Pot Pie sold hot on Mondays after 4 pm, while they last.We went one step further trying to help you, we made a grocery list for each of the recipes.  We will post these menus on our Facebook page.

In addition to menu planning to save time, you might also consider what your staple items should be in the freezer for quick meals when your schedule goes awry.We always try to have a couple of  Festival’s  Mom’s Meatloaf in the freezer as well as a couple Alexia brand frozen Yukon Gold mashed potatoes, this makes for a delicious comfort food kind of meal.We also purchase cooked Rotisserie chicken from the Festival deli and keep one in the freezer, we re-heat in the oven (always re-heat leftovers to 160 degrees).Rotisserie chicken and a bag salad is an easy and frequently on our home menu, we also use Rotisserie chicken in many of favorite dishes Grilled Chicken Quesadillas is a favorite!

Other benefits of a weekly menu are less food waste and  budget friendly, take our ad on Wednesday and plan  your week of meals, saving time and money.

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