Time to breakout the bun and enjoy some great burgers. Burgers are an easy dinner solution and so much better when you make them at home!

First up is our Guacamole Burger, we think Guacamole is always welcome on the table and we like it chunky with nice large pieces of avocado.

Guac Burger

This burger is served with bacon slices and we think the easiest way to cook bacon is in the oven. We placed our bacon slices on racks on a baking sheet and baked at 350 degrees until cooked thoroughly.


If you’re looking for a ground turkey burger this is our fav – this Pesto Turkey Ciabatta Burger is delicious and you may substitute the ground turkey with ground chicken.

Pesto Turkey Burger

Our Juicy Lucy recipe is cheesy and fabulous, we Minnesotans love our Juicy Lucys. We use Tilamook Cheddar a wonderfully rich and tasty cheddar that melts easily.

Juicy Lucy

Our Tickler Bacon Burger has a cheesy sauce made with Tickler cheese that you may want to eat by the spoonful!


Our Mexican Chicken Burger has just the right amount of spice and slices of avocado and Fiesta Top the Tator is a great condiment on this burger.

Mexican Chicken Burger

If you’re thinking gourmet burger then this is THE burger recipe – Bacon Jam Burger

IMG_8304 IMG_8317

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