The cool and crisp fall weather has arrived much too soon but it’s perfect weather to begin cooking hearty soups and stews with fragrant herbs for your family meals or prepping some chili for a crowd to watch football.

This is a classic Minnesota soup made with wild rice made especially easy if you use Rotisserie chicken from our deli, moist and full of flavor our Rotisserie chickens are useful as an ingredient in many recipes (think chicken quesadillas) as well as a main course. We call our recipe Minnesota Wild Rice Soup it has lovely rich flavor and one of my favorite fall recipes.


Another of our favorite soups is Hearty Italian Soup made with our very own fresh Italian Sausage – available either Hot or Mild, easy to make for a quick meal during the week, we like to serve with a fresh baked baguette.


Taco Soup is all the great flavors of tacos and you can add all your favorite toppings along with some corn chips for just the right crunch.

Taco Soup

Now the perfect fall food is this Chili recipe and you’re going to please whether football fans or family with this delicious recipe!


Enjoy the fall colors and weather and these comfort food favorites!

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