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Hot Dog Grilled Cheese is a wonderful combination of 2 classics – hot dogs and grilled cheese!  Is it an elevated grilled cheese or is it an elevated hot dog?  You tell me!  They are super cheesy, have a crispy toasted bun, and can be made with any type of hotdog (beef, pork, turkey, etc.) …what’s not to love?  I devoured 2 of these on my own and was still thinking about them the next day 😊 So, if you have picky eaters or have an argument about what’s for dinner every night, I highly recommend you give these Hot Dog Grilled Cheese sandwiches a try.  They are sure to please everyone! The recipe can be found here. Start by heating a nonstick skillet over medium heat. Open both hot dog buns and use the palm on your hands to flatten slightly.  Spread the outside of each bun with butter, making sure to completely coat the outside.  Place the … Continue reading

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The 4th of July is right around the corner and as things seem to be returning to normal, I’m sure a lot of people are planning a gathering with friends and family to celebrate.  I know we sure are!  The weather is predicted to be beautiful and sunny, and we haven’t entertained in a while, so we are really looking forward to the holiday. I have a few new recipes to share with you today.  They are all 4th of July themed and something you can easily add to your menu – or anytime throughout summer!  I plan on making a few of these this upcoming weekend and look forward to enjoying them at our party. The first recipe is for Firecracker Hot Dogs.  Think hot dog wrapped in breadstick or crescent roll dough and baked to perfection.  They are super simple to make, will satisfy even the pickiest eater, … Continue reading

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The MN State Fair is cancelled.  Those are words I never thought would come out of my mouth, but it’s 2020, and anything is possible this year 🙂  And what a year it’s been!  Luckily, some food trucks and vendors are still able to sell their highly demanded food at various locations around town.  If you have ventured out and waited in line for any of your favorites – good for you!  If you have not, there’s still time.  OR…. drum roll, please…. you can enjoy fair food in the comfort of your own home. Just think….no crowds, no waiting in line, no overcrowded buildings, no “sold out” signs, etc.  I love the MN State Fair so if I have to miss out on one of my favorite summer traditions, this is as good as it gets.  The list of foods we “have to get” is quite long and the … Continue reading

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