Crab plate

We’ve all watched some great movies this year and on Sunday evening we shall see which films and actors are awarded Oscars. Why not step up your menu and celebrate the year in film with some awesome food. We looked through our recipes and products to find some delicious and festive food for you to watch the Oscars.

Seafood always seems right for a special menu. One of our favorites is Lump Crab Cakes from our Chef department, we sell them frozen and all you have to do is brown each side in butter and place on a baking sheet in the oven – delicious. Serve them with this simple recipe for Seafood Mustard Sauce as an appetizer course or main course.

Crab cakes uncooked Crab cakes cooked

Crab plate

Large shrimp served with Festival’s fresh cocktail sauce is a wonderful appetizer treat and so easy to serve!



This Chilled Shrimp Salad recipe is a colorful salad course with fresh herbs making the shrimp and olives even more divine.


If you prefer hot shrimp on your menu, this Beer-Battered Coconut Shrimp recipe is delightful! We like to serve it with Cilantro Lime Rice.



Now King Crab – that’s special and the Seafood Mustard Sauce recipe is perfect with them as well or if you prefer, just melted butter. King Crab is sold already cooked and frozen so steaming them would be the best method to hold the flavor – don’t boil them in water!


If at this time of year, you’re missing your grill, pull it out and grill up some of our fabulous T-Bone steaks! Steak and potatoes- you can’t beat it. Skip those bakers though and serve Warm Potatoes and Spring Salad Greens a delightful and easy recipe.



So plan that menu, here’s a link to our current ad to help you plan and come visit us! Gather your friends and family and get everyone involved in the meal prep. Enjoy the Oscars!



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