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Elevate your next hotdog by smothering it with cheese and wrapping it in a tortilla before cooking.  Sounds good, right?  I give you the Quesadilladog!  It’s basically a Tex-Mex mashup of hotdogs, spicy nacho cheese, jalapenos, and warm tortillas.  It’s a great afterschool snack or can be served for lunch or dinner.  You can use any kind of hotdog – all beef franks, turkey franks, etc.  And any kind of nacho cheese – mild, spicy, etc.  I recommend fajita size tortillas because they work will with the length of the hotdogs.  You can also customize the dish if preferred.  Spread some refried beans on the tortilla, add some black beans before wrapping the hotdog, perhaps serve with salsa for dipping…you get the idea!  It’s a wonderful meal for picky kids or when your family can’t decide on one thing to have.  Simply combine 2 favorites (hotdogs and quesadillas) and you have a win. The recipe can be found here. Start by … Continue reading

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