Something I have noticed since I began making up a weekly menu plan at home is that we are not having any food go to waste!  Since we know what we’re going to cook the next night, we are immediately freezing leftovers and not letting them sit in the frig until they must be tossed because we have no plan for them, instead freezing and using leftovers for lunches or as part of our meal plan.

Our menu for this week is here, I hope you enjoy. One of our menu items this week is frozen pizza, not just any frozen pizza though. We now carry Heggies Pizza in our frozen foods department. For years we have enjoyed this delicious pizza in small bars around town, now you can stock up your freezer for busy nights with family activities and no time to cook.

Speaking of family activities; how about a movie and popcorn in the comfort of your own home? We have Redbox movies for you to conveniently pick up with this fun product to enjoy, best of all easy on the budget!Our crock pot recipe this week is Southwest Chicken Chili, a recipe that goes together quickly and perfect for a winter dinner. One of my favorite products to make clean-up after a crock pot/slow cooker meal really easy -slow cooker liners.  Cooking doesn’t have to be time consuming!



One of my personal favorite community/blogs for cooking is Food52. Always wonderful recipes to explore but most important is that I really relate to their philosophy or their “cooking manifesto” as they call it: “memorable cooking doesn’t have to be complicated or precious”. I love their points on if you cook:

  • If you cook, your family will eat dinner together.
  • If you cook, you will naturally have a more sustainable household.
  • If you cook, you’ll set a lifelong example for your children.
  • If you cook, you’ll understand what goes into food and will eat more healthily.
  • If you cook, you’ll make your home an important place in your life.
  • If you cook, you’ll make others happy.
  • If you cook, people will remember you.

They have recently released a cookbook and it is on my list for the next trip to the bookstore, go check them out for some wonderful ideas.

..make others happy




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