I love to eat apples year round but there is something special about eating apples in fall; the weather is getting cooler, colors are starting to change, and apple-picking season is upon us. They are crisp, sweet, refreshing, and a true symbol of fall.

One of my favorite snacks to make in the fall is Apple Salsa. It’s something I had years ago at a local apple orchard and absolutely loved it! I knew I had to recreate it and spent hours trying to do so, and think I have the recipe perfected!

The recipe can be found here.

It’s the perfect combination of sweet and spicy. I think it’s more sweet than spicy but there is a subtle spicy undertone. Paired with some tortilla chips this is an amazing snack! Plus it’s fairly healthy and not overly filling so you don’t have to feel bad if you eat more than your fair share in one sitting 🙂 You could also enjoy this salsa on a cracker with some plain cream cheese.

To pair with the salsa I made Turkey Cheddar Apple Sliders. We love sliders at our house. Not only are they easy to make but we tend to have leftovers so they make for a quick meal for later in the week.

The recipe can be found here.

I admittedly was skeptical about this recipe when I started creating the sliders; apples and mustard? It sounds a bit much but trust me, give it a chance! These sliders are delicious! The apple adds a nice crunch to the sandwich and the mustard packs in some heat. If you don’t like spicy foods I would recommend going light on the mustard or potentially using a different kind.

For dessert I made apple sundaes with cinnamon ice cream and caramel sauce. Cinnamon ice cream tends to be a seasonal option at grocery stores but if you can find it I highly recommend buying a pint…or 2. It pairs really well with sliced apples, apple pie, apple crisp…really anything apple! It’s also great to eat by itself.

If you are feeling ambitious and want to add a beverage to the mix, this pairs really well with apple cider. You can either buy apple cider from your local grocery store or make your own. This is a great recipe for Mulled Hot Apple Cider.

I hope you enjoy fall and all the delicious apple treats that comes with it as much as I do!

Happy Cooking!

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