It’s the time of year for all the pumpkin flavored lattes, pancakes, cookies, pasta, etc. starts popping up.  If you can eat it, I’m sure someone has tried adding pumpkin flavoring to it!  It’s a craze that I’m more than happy to participate in 🙂 But, another fall favorite I don’t think gets enough credit is apple cider.

I thought it would be fun to do a taste test of pumpkin vs apple cider with breakfast foods to see which the fan favorite is.  I made the same two items with both flavors.


All recipes are made the traditional way, except you either add pumpkin or apple cider, or substitute it for another ingredient.  I chose to make french toast sticks and sliced the bread into 3 pieces, but you can leave the bread whole if you prefer.  I also used a mini waffle maker, but the recipe works with any waffle iron you have.

The first night was apple cider.  The waffles were my favorite, but the french toast was Andrew’s favorite.  The kitchen smelled amazing!  It was a lovely combination of cinnamon and apples filling the room.  We had two syrup options with our meal; pure maple syrup and a cinnamon infused maple syrup.

You’ll see from the photos we used Fresh Pepin Heights Apple Cider.  I recommend this over store-bought apple juice as the flavors are more intense.  And you can enjoy a glass of the leftover juice with your meal!

Apple Cider French Toast






Apple Cider Waffles



The second night was pumpkin.  Again, the waffles were my favorite and the french toast was Andrew’s favorite.  The spiced aroma throughout our house was to die for!  To keep things fair, we used the same two syrup options from the night before; pure maple syrup and a cinnamon infused maple syrup.  We even rolled 1/2 of the french toast sticks in a cinnamon sugar mixture.  Oh my!

Pumpkin French Toast


Pumpkin Waffles



Time to vote!  And the winner is…drumroll please…both!  Well, we reached a tie.  Andrew not only preferred the french toast to the waffles, but he preferred apple cider to pumpkin.  I preferred the waffles and actually liked the pumpkin more than the apple cider.  Either way, both were delicious and a fun way to turn breakfast into dinner 🙂  What do you think your favorite will be?

Happy Cooking!

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