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Italian Nachos are simple and easy to make!  They are loaded with crispy fried wonton wrappers, spicy Italian sausage, pepperoni, banana peppers, melty cheese, and marinara sauce for dipping.  They make a satisfying meal or can be served as an appetizer.  They are also great for game day, a potluck, family game night…anytime you want yummy snacks 😊 They are delicious and packed with tasty ingredients. The recipe can be found here. Start by heating a skillet over medium heat.  Add the spicy pork sausage or plant-based meat and cook until cooked through, about 8 minutes.  Remove from the heat and set aside.  I did use Impossible Meat when I made this recipe (the spicy ground package) however you can use any spicy ground meat of your choosing.  I had always wanted to try the spicy plant-based meat, and this gave me a good excuse to try it.  It was quite spicy and tasted just like ground pork. Heat oil … Continue reading

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Trash Can Nachos are a fun way to prepare and serve nachos.  The nachos are stacked in a cylinder-shaped metal container and baked until all ingredients are heated through or melted.  They are then inverted onto a serving platter and served in a stack.  Trash Can Nachos are easy to make, customizable, and delicious.  They were originally made famous by Guy Fieri and the Food Network. The recipe I want to share with you today is for Trash Can Chicken Nachos.  I will admit this recipe was trial and error for me.  I wasn’t sure how the nachos would bake, if they would hold their shape when removed from the can, etc.  And I didn’t really have a recipe to follow.  I simply used our favorite nacho toppings and hoped for the best!  The result was pretty amazing. The recipe can be found here. You will need a metal can … Continue reading

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Everyone loves a good Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwich, but have you ever tried Chicken Bacon Ranch Sheet Pan Nachos?  Let me tell you…they are yummy!  Super easy to make, super quick to make, super easy to cleanup, and they work well as an appetizer (or as a meal for 2…guilty as charged).  The chicken is juicy and tender, the bacon is salty and crisp, and melted cheese brings it all (or holds it all) together.  My favorite part is the ranch dressing that’s drizzled over the top.  It’s not just a bottle of ranch dressing but a homemade mixture that is rich and creamy, and you will want some in every bite! The recipe can be found here. Start by making the ranch dressing.  Combine the ranch dressing mix, mayonnaise, sour cream, and milk in a mixing bowl.  Whisk until well combined.  Then cover and refrigerate until ready to use. I like to let mine sit for about an … Continue reading

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Make tonight’s dinner a fast and fun meal that’s completely customizable with sheet pan nachos!  These are guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser and are super easy to make.  Simply layer your toppings, bake, and enjoy! One big plus of these is they only take one pan to make so clean up is a breeze, and the pan doubles as the serving vessel so you can simply dig in and be satisfied in no time. I have 3 recipes to share with you today: Sheet Pan Chicken Nachos Sheet Pan BBQ Chicken Nachos Sheet Pan Buffalo Chicken Nachos   As mentioned previously, these would make for a great weeknight meal.  Otherwise, serve them at a football party, birthday party, weekend cookout, holiday party, etc.  The options are endless!  The recipes make a large enough quantity that you can feed a crowd. Let’s start with Sheet Pan Chicken Nachos.  These are … Continue reading

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